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treat me like a mimosa pudica or i'll wilt

treat me like a mimosa pudica or i’ll wilt

Tbh I kinda’ like being alone. It’s not always out of choice, but out of necessity. Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s nice meeting new people and hanging out with friends. But… people can also be really exhausting. Careless. Fickle. Insensitive.

lost? by vero silvestri


Many of us spend our lives attempting to ‘find ourselves.’ Respectfully, though, what the fuck does that mean? Is it our Purpose, with a capital P? Maybe our personalities in their final forms? Or is it that almost unattainable feeling of satisfaction that we seek? Whatever it is, it’s doing a great job at being an elusive cross to bear.

pumped guns for your buns by fiorella atoche

pumped guns for your buns

So you read my post about growing your glutes and saw results! Now, you want to get some nice, toned arms and back… Well, I have just the workout for you!

ballsy / the irresistibility of teen dramas by vero

ballsy / irresistibility of teen dramas

Do you watch teen dramas? There’s just something about them that I can’t resist. They’re corny as fuck, emotional, and generally unrealistic. Actually, they’re always unrealistic. These teens are running around doing shit you never would’ve done. Hell, you wouldn’t have the balls to do that shit now as an adult.

hyperpigmentation 1 by shelsey vazquez

how i manage my hyperpigmentation: part 1

So what even is hyperpigmentation? For those not in the know, hyperpigmentation is basically a broad term used to describe instances when you get spots on your skin that are darker or a different color than the rest of your body.

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