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why your morning routine matters by fiorella atoche

why your morning routine matters

I am proud to say I have become a legit adult. A real deal adult. A full-on 100% adult. How, you may ask? Well, I have a morning routine… that counts as adulting, right?

the vero exit

the vero exit

I’m a fan of the Irish exit. Grammarly tells me this term is outdated, so I’ll rename it as the vero exit. It’s my preferred method of exiting most locations and events, particularly parties and gatherings. The vero exit is leaving without saying goodbye. It’s really not that necessary to say goodbye.

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Are you outside of the DR and want to wear a sick fake zine hoodie just like this one? You’re in luck – we just opened an Etsy shop. Are you in the DR? Contact Maria Silvestri via email or text her if you have her number. Check back regularly for new merch items. For now, this is what you get.

Thanks, Pamela, for modeling our hoodie.