the vero exit

the vero exit

I’m a fan of the Irish exit. Grammarly tells me this term is outdated, so I’ll rename it as the vero exit. It’s my preferred method of exiting most locations and events, particularly parties and gatherings. The vero exit is leaving without saying goodbye. It’s really not that necessary to say goodbye.

reflection by maria silvestri


I always underestimate the satisfaction that alone-time can bring me. I forget how much I appreciate being alone until I take the time to do so. I work for, and with other people, I take classes with other people, and I live with other people. I don’t have much time to be alone.

fruit-bearing trees by maria silvestri

fruit-bearing trees

It’s incredible how a mundane activity can carry so much weight and significance. Much like Eve from the garden of Eden, one of my issues can be directly traced back to picking fruit.

homesick, in a literal sense by maria silvestri

homesick, in a literal sense

Stability has always been out of reach. I have moved to a new home more times than I’ve celebrated my birthday; I am more familiar with change than permanence. I feel at home when I’m on the road, and at peace when everything I know is being replaced.

Frank's Inferno by Maria Silvestri

frank’s inferno

After graduating high school, I flew directly to NYC. I didn’t know a single soul, so I spent most of my days commuting to Union Square and walking around. This was back in the day when I read frequently for pleasure, or as many would call it the “pre-college era.” College really takes the life out of you like that – or maybe it was just the Ivy experience.

The 'How Are You Feeling' Dilemma by Maria Silvestri

the ‘how are you feeling’ dilemma

I hate that question, and I know it’s selfish. How dare people ask about my well-being? It’s also hypocritical because I ask it all the time. It’s comforting to ask happy people and hear a relatively normal answer. The thing is, if you’re depressed, that question sets you up for failure no matter how you answer. Here are the options.


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