whole lotta red album review by fiorella atoche

album review: whole lotta red

As an avid fan of new school rap and hip hop, of course, I was looking forward to the long-awaited Whole Lotta Red by Playboi Carti. Personally, I consider myself somewhat of a Carti fan, particularly his self-titled mixtape and Die Lit, so it was a Christmas miracle when he dropped WLR this past holiday season.

Why “Driver’s License” by Olivia Rodrigo is the First Big Song of 2021 by Jessica Duffield

why “driver’s license” by olivia rodrigo is the first big song of 2021

For me, it all started because of TikTok. I would constantly see videos being made using a short clip of this song that I have never heard of. It was calm and strong at the same time and most of the videos were of people carefully listening, vibing with it or making a cover to it. What caught my attention was that nobody was making fun of it.

Sex Ed: Paragard (Copper) IUD Review by Dani Rochez

sex ed: paragard (copper) iud review

During the time that I was with my boyfriend, I was considering some methods to prevent any unwanted surprises down the road. At the time, we had been using the condom for our birth control method, but we wanted to experience more pleasure whenever we were intimate. We took other birth control methods (such as withdrawal, spermicide, and the female condom) off the table immediately. After this, we came to the conclusion that I should head to my college health clinic and discuss more efficient methods.