Monthly plantmates. Let’s learn about sexy, yet medicinal, plants. Warning, they’re quite enticing.

plantmate of the month: miss june

plantmate of the month: miss june

You may be most familiar with dandelions as the common weed in your lawn or as a trigger for your allergies. However, consumption of this month’s feature, Ms. June, can be traced back to traditional Native American medicine.

plantmate of the month: miss april

This month, we’re spotlighting the daddy of the medical ethnobotany world. The oldest tree in the world, this ancient plant once coexisted with dinosaurs and presently has a lifespan of over one thousand years.

Plantmate of the month: miss february

plantmate of the month: miss february

Roses – a symbol of love and affection. Let’s say you receive one (or a larger quantity) for Valentine’s Day from someone you may or may not want in your life. I know it’s beautiful flower, but what else is useful for? Let’s talk about better uses for rose petals than showing love.

Plantmate of the Month - Miss January by Maria Silvestri

plantmate of the month: miss january

There is nothing sexier than medical ethnobotany. Herbs and flowers with medicinal properties, out there healing and shit. Alleviating pain? Come on. It doesn’t get any spicier than that.