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the before, the during, and after by jessica duffield

The before, during and after

Ah yes, the “moving to a new city” stage of life. I am proud to say I have made it to this typical yet exciting part of my chapter. As common as it is (most would call it the mid-life crisis identity), it is definitely the most fulfilling thing one can do.

bridgerton by Jessica Duffield

is bridgerton the most romantic tv show at the moment?

Let me start by saying I have watched them all. When I say “all,” I mean all of the romantic, lovey-dovey, quirky TV shows on Netflix. Gossip Girl, The Vampire, Diaries, Grey’s Anatomy, El Barco – you name it, I have seen it. This why I have decided to call myself a professional in the field of romantic TV shows. I have the experience, passion, and an absurd amount of obsessions towards them all, which makes me quite frankly the best author to write on this subject.

Nail Polish and Me by Jessica Duffield

nail polish and me

I like to think people pay attention to my nail color. I usually gravitate towards white, black, pinkish, or red. I love to pick a nail color that I know would have gotten me in trouble back in high school.

Last Minute Valentine's by Jessica Duffield

waited-until-last-minute valentine’s presents

Hello, welcome back. I can see you have not changed and are still a procrastinator since my last article: Waited-until-last-minute Christmas presents. Let’s cut it short since we all know how this goes: You just realized valentine’s day is around the corner and also just remembered you have a relationship. Yes, yes, you do; you should probably go check in on them.

Why “Driver’s License” by Olivia Rodrigo is the First Big Song of 2021 by Jessica Duffield

why “driver’s license” by olivia rodrigo is the first big song of 2021

For me, it all started because of TikTok. I would constantly see videos being made using a short clip of this song that I have never heard of. It was calm and strong at the same time and most of the videos were of people carefully listening, vibing with it or making a cover to it. What caught my attention was that nobody was making fun of it.

Jessica’s Tips and Tricks for Disney World by Jessica Duffield

jessica’s tips and tricks for disney world

Yes, I went to Disney this week, and yes, I wish I had this guide. First, let me start by saying no matter how old you are, Disney World is fucking amazing. But just like any other amazing thing in life it always comes with a pile of stressful scenarios. Relax, chill out, I have you covered. Let me help with less than half of your Disney problems.


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