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sex education

managing periods by dani rochez

sex ed: managing periods

When Mother Nature visits, it sometimes can be an unpleasant experience. Abdominal pain accompanied by headaches, nausea, and an emotional rollercoaster is not what everyone wants to experience. I dread getting my periods and the days leading up to it are the worse

HPV Vaccine by Dani Rochez

sex ed: HPV

I did not know about HPV until I was 15 years old. When I first heard of it, I thought it was something like shingles but for young people. Little did I know this was a virus that can be transmitted sexually.


plantmate of the month: miss april

This month, we’re spotlighting the daddy of the medical ethnobotany world. The oldest tree in the world, this ancient plant once coexisted with dinosaurs and presently has a lifespan of over one thousand years.

Plantmate of the month: miss february

plantmate of the month: miss february

Roses – a symbol of love and affection. Let’s say you receive one (or a larger quantity) for Valentine’s Day from someone you may or may not want in your life. I know it’s beautiful flower, but what else is useful for? Let’s talk about better uses for rose petals than showing love.