Cereal: the Ethereal Meal by Fiorella Atoche

cereal: an ethereal meal

My relationship with cereal is a delicious one full of sugar and plenty of almond milk. I became an avid fan of cereal when I migrated to the States since this was not a popular breakfast food in Peru, but it sure is in the good old U.S. of A.

Tastes Around the World: Peru by Fiorella Atoche

tastes around the world: peru

There’s nothing better in this world than delicious food, and food from different countries is even better. I haven’t travelled to any other countries besides Peru but I do love trying out different cuisines and living near a metropolitan area makes that pretty easy. This post will be dedicated to my country’s cuisine showing a few of the many dishes out there and some of the influential flavors that can be found in this cuisine.