hot glute summer by fiorella atoche

hot glute summer

Growing your cheeks is a long and hard process, definitely don’t expect it to occur in a month. I will share my tips for how I went from an inverted slope on my derrière to draggin’ that wagon!

Time to Disconnect by Fiorella Atoche

maybe it’s time to disconnect

Have you ever wanted to go on a social media cleanse? Does going on Instagram make you feel terrible and lead to comparison with others? Well, maybe that’s a sign you need a break. Lots of people have done it, and it doesn’t have to be permanent. Social media is a great way to keep in touch with people but may contribute to unhealthy comparison and even more loneliness.

Tastes Around the World: Peru by Fiorella Atoche

tastes around the world: peru

There’s nothing better in this world than delicious food, and food from different countries is even better. I haven’t travelled to any other countries besides Peru but I do love trying out different cuisines and living near a metropolitan area makes that pretty easy. This post will be dedicated to my country’s cuisine showing a few of the many dishes out there and some of the influential flavors that can be found in this cuisine.

Maximizing Your Money by Fiorella Atoche

maximizing your money

As I approached my early 20s, something that was important to me was being smart with my money and accumulating a decent amount of money to keep as an emergency fund. Life at this age is fun and exciting, with plans every single weekend and buying new things unexpectedly; but you have to watch out for detrimental spending habits that can hinder you in the future. I managed to get to my financial goals by doing a bit of research and taking some of the actions I am sharing below.

Food and Your Body by Fiorella Atoche

food and your body

With all the diet fads these days, it is hard to know how exactly to look your best and attain your dream body. Whatever your ideal body shape is, there are so many eating plans out there promising you fantastic results, from CICO to keto to carb cycling. It’s nice to have goals and aspire to look good, but one must make sure to not become obsessed with this.