let's talk about sex...ual pleasure by dani rochez

sex ed: let’s talk about sex…ual pleasure

So I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the TikTok video of the girl who goes to the bathroom just to wash her hands at 2 am. If you have though, you either know or have no clue what that video means. The video went viral, and I am glad it was seen by so many viewers because it is such a taboo topic.

Sex Ed: Paragard (Copper) IUD Review by Dani Rochez

sex ed: paragard (copper) iud review

During the time that I was with my boyfriend, I was considering some methods to prevent any unwanted surprises down the road. At the time, we had been using the condom for our birth control method, but we wanted to experience more pleasure whenever we were intimate. We took other birth control methods (such as withdrawal, spermicide, and the female condom) off the table immediately. After this, we came to the conclusion that I should head to my college health clinic and discuss more efficient methods.