about us

The trials and tribulations of growing up – we are all going through it. Fake Zine is a place where we feel at home. Take your shoes off, throw your sweatpants on, maybe make some coffee. We’re here to build a community. Now, we kindly ask you to acknowledge that you don’t know shit. We already did, that’s why we’re here trying to figure it out. Please, join us.


Vero Silvestri

Founder/Art Director

Professional jack of all trades.


Contact: vero@fakezine.org

Jessica Duffield

Writer/Social Media Manager

A recent graduate obsessed with her air fryer and watching Ole Miss football.

Fiorella Atoche


A regular degular girl who falls asleep to ASMR every night. 10/10 would recommend.

Dani Rochez


Masters student at Columbia studying Epidemiology.

Shelsey Vasquez

Shelsey Vazquez


A curly haired Boricua who has lots of thoughts about colonialism and fitness.


Baxter Speed


A recent grad in Russian, Eurasian, and Eastern European studies.

pamela de la cruz

Pamela De la Cruz


A 3rd grade teacher obsessed with the beach trying to survive during a global pandemic.