pumped guns for your buns

So you read my post about growing your glutes and saw results! Now, you want to get some nice, toned arms and back… Well, I have just the workout for you!

I started working out my upper body around a month ago after YEARS of neglecting it. I was under the assumption that working my upper body would make me look “manly,” but once I realized that it actually takes a lot of weight and effort to grow your arms a considerable size, there was nothing holding me back from having sculpted arms. Now, I’m here to help you get there too. These exercises are a two-in-one too, since they also work your back!

As always, for the six exercises below, you’ll want to start with weights that feel comfortable but that also require a bit more effort as you finish your second set. Adjust the number of reps for each set based on your level of fitness. Typically, I do 10-15 reps for 3 sets for each of these exercises.

Let’s get to work!

1. Lateral Arm Raises

For this first exercise, make sure you are creating a 90 degree angle between your torso and arms. Be sure not to ”shrug” your shoulders as you do it, or you won’t get the full effect. No cheating!

2. Front Arm Raises

These are essentially the same thing as lateral arm raises, but stick out your arms in front of you instead!


3. Tricep Cable Pushdown

These pushdowns are good for working your triceps (aka the back of your arms) and are very beginner friendly. Just make sure to keep your elbows against your body!

4. Lateral Pulldown

Sexy back muscle coming up, as these will target the biggest muscles in your back, aka your lats!

5. Seated Row

This exercise reminds me of the rowing machine but a weighted version. Depending on the machines at your gym, there may be many different handles for this one. If you are a beginner, I suggest testing them to see which handle you feel targets your back most.

6. Chest Fly

Who knew you could work your chest? Well, apparently you can with the chest fly. Disclaimer: please don’t think this will grow your womanly assets. As you can guess, this will strengthen your pectoral muscles.

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