i don’t want ur deranged definition of “normalcy” tbh

A lot of people (especially in the U.S.) have been really antsy this whole pandemic but especially lately. Their entitlement and desperation is on full display, their inner gringo seeping out like:

They are really eager to walk around mask-less and breathe in their daily dose of pollen & COVID breath for…some reason.

They want to “get back to work.” 

They want to be in crowded bars, restaurants, and beaches.

…this is the life?

They want to travel regardless of the risks to others or themselves because they feel “trapped” and want to “live a little.” Meanwhile:

I’m gonna be honest and say that I don’t really get it. It sounds downright pathological, selfish, and petty to me. 

Of course, the United States peddling a post-pandemic narrative and saying masks aren’t mandatory for vaccinated people isn’t helping matters…but something about this passive acceptance confirmed that, day to day, people are spiritually unwell. 

I mean, it’s not like you got grounded for a year. This is a literal plague? People are still dying? 

Would you be acting like this in a zombie apocalypse? Did we collectively forget it wasn’t that long ago that hospitals were storing corpses in refrigerated trucks?


Are you all okay? 

Like really okay?

Last I checked, most of the world’s population isn’t even vaccinated yet thanks to the vaccine patents not being made available to everyone for generic production. COVID’s not going to be over until basically everyone’s vaccinated AND the vaccines are proven to have long-term efficacy. I’m fully vaccinated and hoping for the best, but I know things are still tenuous.

Tons of places still have cases risingnot dropping, and although not to the same degree as unvaccinated people, you can still contract and spread COVID after being vaccinated. 

So um…where is this herd immunity and normalcy you all speak of?

Is this your definition of living it up? Do you really want other people to die so that billionaires can keep up their investments? Is work the only thing that brings meaning or harmony into your life? Have you deluded yourselves into feeling liberated by being a tourist in foreign lands or being anywhere else but home? 

I’m not convinced that we were living our best lives before the pandemic for like 5678975444 reasons, but we are especially not living our best lives now. Too many are giving this energy:

This is all actually still fucked, yet the apathy and zero fucks given doesn’t seem to add up given the fact that, for a time, we had the daily equivalent of a 9/11 in deaths for months and our lawmakers just let us die with almost no $$$. Where is the anger? The grief? 

Am I saying that you need to hone in on all the depressing things happening everywhere at all times? No. 

However, being empathetic or aware of the situation shouldn’t be this elusive. And our collective priorities are incredibly lackluster when you really consider what it is we’re being asked to return to that’s so normal.

Which is basically: go to work in a pandemic or perish. We need you to work for scraps in order for this economy to even function. We are tired of compensating you and have given up on any semblance of caring about the welfare of the general public. We won’t forgive your student loans, medical debt, or ease up on rent, but you can still pay us taxes. Also, you need to just get used to there being mass shootings every other week, nonstop racial violence, deportations/family separation, economic inequality, climate change, and our still somehow having the resources to bomb the shit out of other countries but not to take care of you.

Is it just me? Like…does any sane human actually want to balance more than one job, have zero social safety net, go into student loan/medical debt, barely see the people they care about, only have one week off from work in a year, and still not have enough $ to actually pay their bills? All while still living through a fucking plague?

How does anyone look at this mess and just think to themselves:

Sure, the pandemic sucks, but so does the monotony we call “normal.” Pretending the pandemic is over so that we can get back to some supposedly better past doesn’t make it over. 

Are we all cool with just normalizing preventable death and poor governance just because we got bored?

Me: “Wait! This isn’t over and the pre-pandemic work sucks ass too! Why are we rushing to get back?”

That protestant work ethic bullshit? Working for crumbs? Getting back to having my labor exploited and only being able to unwind by exploiting other people’s labor/disregarding other people’s health? Yeah, that’s not for me. I’m not really in the mood to enrich an economy that never seems to trickle down.

You can keep your monotonous, sociopathic “normalcy” to yourselves. 

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