The before, during and after

Ah yes, the “moving to a new city” stage of life. I am proud to say I have made it to this typical yet exciting part of my chapter. As common as it is (most would call it the mid-life crisis identity), it is definitely the most fulfilling thing one can do.

I moved to Chattanooga, TN, at the beginning of April. I moved here for my job, which makes it even more exciting. I hope that by the end of this article, you should have a some-what view on how to prepare yourself for the big move.

Before the move:

  • Google, read and learn. I mean, you want to know what you are getting yourself into, right? I googled everything I could, from safest street to best coffee. Study that shit like you are getting tested for it.
  • Know where you are going to live before flying in. I had the opportunity to fly to Chattanooga back in October and tour some places before deciding where I want to live. If this is not possible most places do virtual tours or can even send you pictures/ videos. But sign a lease before you completely bring all your stuff and have nowhere to put it.
  • take care of the boring stuff. your future self will thank you for this. This includes: forwarding your mailing address, figure out where to send your prescription, cancel that gym membership you barely use, and anything else that might seem boring.
  • Order from Wayfair. I am not kidding. Order your bed, sofa, and any big furniture from Wayfair. They will deliver it straight to your apartment, which makes everything so much easier. I would definitely recommend getting the big things out of the way and ordering online, and then leave the small decorations for last.
  • THINK ABOUT PARKING. wherever you move, please think about where you are going to park. it’s a city and parking can become very stress full.

During the move:

  • Clean your apartment. Do not move into an apartment without cleaning it.
  • Big, medium, small. This is how I started decorating my apartment. It is so intimidating when you walk into a completely empty apartment. I put the big main pieces of furniture in place, like the sofa, bed, TV, then I worked on the “medium things” such as the closet, bathroom essentials, kitchen stuff. after all that, I started decorating and buying smaller things to personalize my apartment with my style.
  • Buy a TV – makes it feel less lonely.
  • make a list of everything that is already broken or damaged in your apartment. that way, you do not have to pay for it when you move out and ask them to fix it since you are the “newbie.”

After the move:

  • Buy pepper spray
  • set up your exterior life. find out where you want to paint your nails, where is the closest supermarket, where you want to get gas from, where your coffee spot will be.
  • talk to somebody who is local. they know all the good/ safe spots around town.
  • Join a gym, group fitness, yoga class, anything that you enjoy doing. This is also a great way to meet people fast and feel part of a community.
  • Buy grocery.
  • Realize that it is ok if you are feeling emotional. You just moved to a completely new city, it is ok if you feel lost, lonely, or even doubting your decision. Cities can be intimidating af.

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