is bridgerton the most romantic tv show at the moment?

Let me start by saying I have watched them all. When I say “all,” I mean all of the romantic, lovey-dovey, quirky TV shows on Netflix. Gossip Girl, The Vampire, Diaries, Grey’s Anatomy, El Barco – you name it, I have seen it. This why I have decided to call myself a professional in the field of romantic TV shows. I have the experience, passion, and an absurd amount of obsessions towards them all, which makes me quite frankly the best author to write on this subject.

Bridgerton, ah yes, the most viewed and streamed TV show at the moment. I joined the binge-watching trend when it came out (I don’t know if the trend included binge-watching it over three times, but that is what I did). This helped me realize that Bridgerton might be one of the most romantic/interesting TV shows on Netflix this year since it took me two years to re-watch The Vampire Diaries – which I thought was number one.

First, let’s start by acknowledging the cast- diversity is everything. Nothing compared to the little- white perfect/dull cast of Jane Austin. The flavors and spices seen in this TV show make the typical movies based during the Regency era in England seem boring and even a little too mainstream. Onscreen, Bridgerton cracks the Regency fantasy wider. The show’s high society is full of people of color, and the most influential person in Bridgerton’s social order is a black woman: Queen Charlotte. There was not one single cast member on this show that did not grab my attention or at least piqued my curiosity. Most of the main characters on this show had a side romance story going on, and it made my obsession squeal like a baby on fire.

The first season’s main relationship couple is Daphne Bridgerton and Simon, the Duke of Hasting. I don’t want to talk much about what goes on with them because I don’t want to be like those blogs that spoil every fucking thing on the show. But let’s keep it simple by saying- they start as friends (because of a deal) and then fall in love, but in between being friends, Duke Simon says he will help Daphne find a husband. Romantic, right? But can we talk about the transparency and the forward-thinking the relationship has with the topic of sex? Magical. Amazing. This series revolves around ladies coming into society to try to find a husband. It’s 1813. It was so relieving to see how sometimes conversations about sex were asked (and even some self-love ) and handled between Duke – who had much more experience because he was a man, socially acceptable, and Daphne – who was a blind virgin.

Society has come far from the 19th-century dating world, but human nature has not. It blows my mind how young women were kept in the dark about sex and were firm believers that their only task in life was to get married – that was not the case with many of the show’s cast. Innocence is one of the most appealing aspects of fairy tale princesses for me, but I don’t think that needs to come with a complete lack of knowledge. Bridgerton makes a great point in showing that making a woman ignorant is very different than keeping her innocent. When I first watched Bridgerton, I got a thrill from seeing all those stuffy Regency rules get smashed to pieces. It gives Bridgerton the flavor of an early-19th-century Gossip Girl.

Not only do the Duke and Daphne have conversations that were forbidden (mostly about self-expression in the bedroom) and maybe a couple of scenes that would have destroyed her reputation, but so do many of the other “prohibited” couples of the show. They show passion and devotion that happened during closed doors (or in the garden). Isn’t that what makes the best romance story after all?

Bridgerton is sexy enough to make Jane Austen blush; the intimacy, the romance, and the innocence of each couple make the show truly a piece of art. This is my favorite romantic TV show at the moment, and even if you are not a romantic seeker like me, I would still recommend watching it – the soundtrack is incredible.

If you need any more persuasion to watch this show from me, this might help:

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