nail polish and me

My Unconditional Love 

I like to think people pay attention to my nail color. I usually gravitate towards white, black, pinkish, or red. I love to pick a nail color that I know would have gotten me in trouble back in high school. Growing up and going to a private school in the Dominican Republic, I was never allowed to have painted nails. Since I am (obviously) not in high school anymore, the freedom to express: the season, my feelings, and my personality with my painted nails seem to bring me a rare amount of hidden joy.

Weird to think about how such a small thing that was forbidden in high school is a way of self-expression.

I became addicted (in some way) to getting my nails done and painted in college. I got manicures in high school but could never choose a color that would represent my femininity. In college, I looked forward to getting my gel or dip re-done every three weeks and being able to decide what mood I wanted to go on my nails. It was a form of diversifying my character and expressing my personality by choosing which color to put on.

Some things I could not bring myself to do regularly during college: My laundry, making my bed, Keeping up with Group me messages, responding to emails. Some things I did as often as possible during college: Shower, “me time,” exercise, and my nails.

For every event and holiday, such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break, I would pay tribute to the holiday spirit with just my nails. Most of the time, the Holidays were going to get that from me anyways. Better that than nothing, if you ask me. I was one with the season and felt exhilarated.

You are probably asking yourself, damn Jessica, how does getting your nails done make you feel so many different emotions? Well, just like how putting an Oreo in a glass of milk makes you feel ten other things at once. Oreo in milk +nails painted = explosion of emotions.

I don’t know if my addiction to getting my nails painted is due to it being forbidden in my high school, like how all the frat boys in college get hyped and drunk with two white claws just because of the restrictions of alcohol in the United States. They are finally in college and can drink, I am finally away from my high school, and I can paint my nails. Funny how restrictions just make us addicted.

Whatever it is, I have unconditional love for it—sort of how the frat boys have unconditional love for white claws and spiced rum. 

The Manicure Dilemma 

I mentioned this in my Disney article, but just as a reminder: every good thing in life comes with stressful scenarios, even getting your nails done.

The manicure dilemma. Ah, yes, too familiar to my ears. Even though I love getting my nails painted (obviously, I wrote an entire article dedicated to it), I still fall into this dilemma. You know how it goes, you decide to treat yourself or (if you are like me), three weeks pass, and you have to get them re-done. You go in all excited, feeling like you have your life together, and then boom – they ask you what color you want.

Panic. Life falls apart.

You look at the wall full of colors, and you don’t know whether you want to be boring, choose a nude, or flashy and choose a red. You choose a yellow because it’s sort of in the middle, but then instantly regret it. You force yourself to love it, though. Admit it; we are all scared to tell our manicure person what we really think.

Manicurists are intimidating. Period.

But they are not the dilemma. Going back to the dilemma, let me just cut it short: I can’t fix that dilemma for you. It’s not my fault you are indecisive. I can, however, give you some of the tips that I follow. Depending on when you get your nails done, these might make your decision a lot easier.

  1. Formal occasions: My mom always used to wear a deep red, and I always thought that would be my depiction of sophistication. If you have a formal dinner to go to, I would recommend that color. Beige, gray, and light peach are also good for an everyday formal look.
  2. Seasons. Spring: No depressing colors, so bright colors. It can be yellow, orange, green, or blue. Winter: depressing colors, so no bright ones. Purple, grey, black, or silver. Summer:  Nudes! Ultimate favorite. Pink and white are also good ideas. Fall: Definitely darker colors. Dark blue, purple, or brown.
  3. Holidays: Here comes my holiday spirit! Try to match your color to the holiday. For example, at Christmas time, I always tend to get red. Halloween, go black. Thanksgiving, go brown. Valentine’s day, go pinkish.
  4. Vacation: If you are going somewhere warm, wear bright colors. If you are going somewhere cold, wear darker colors. That’s how I do things.

The Conclusion 

Go get your nails painted and express yourself.

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