waited-until-last-minute valentine’s presents

Hello, welcome back. I can see you have not changed and are still a procrastinator since my last article:  Waited-until-last-minute Christmas presents.  Let’s cut it short since we all know how this goes: You just realized valentine’s day is around the corner and also just remembered you have a relationship. Yes, yes, you do; you should probably go check in on them.

You’re welcome.

Anyways let me save your ass once again.

For Her

  1. Flowers: Let’s be honest, all a girl really wants for valentine’s is a lovely arrangement of pink or red roses. Florists can be found everywhere, making it an easy last-minute gift that will definitely make your girl happy. Then we can read Maria’s article on how to make mojitos with them.
  2. Heart-shaped bamboo: Coolest shit I have ever seen. It comes in three different sizes, and you can choose to add a chocolate box.
  3. Silky PJ set: The most luxurious feeling. I linked my favorite from Revolve, but you can find sets like this one in many other places. Choose a pretty color and pattern, and you are ready to go.
  4. Voluspa candle set: The detailed glass jar and the relaxing scent definitely makes it seem like you did not wait until the last minute to get it. It also shows that you have tasted- girls like that.
  5. Makeup mirror: I know you don’t know how to buy her makeup, so instead, I recommend buying her the number one makeup mirror.
  6. Lululemon leggings: If she is the best, get her the best. I recommend getting her the “Align Pant 28” because those are my favorite and super comfy for any occasion.
  7. Wine tasting set: This might work in your favor.
  8. Champagne chocolate-covered strawberriesYou really can’t go wrong with this one, especially since they are champagne-infused.
  9. Aurate Infinity Heart Ring in Gold Vermeil: Or any cute heart rings or rings in general. I love jewelry, and rings are one of my top choices. Just make sure you get the right size.
  10. Read number 1.

For Him

  1. International Mountains Whiskey Glasses: It honestly just looks pretty cool.
  2. Personalized Boxers: Put your face on them, and it will probably be the most romantic gift he has ever gotten.
  3. Indoor Golf Putting Green: Is it me, or is every guy in their 20’s going through a golf crisis/addiction? If this includes your significant other, this gift is a go-to.
  4. LL Bean Slippers: I don’t know why, but men look good when wearing this. Please do it for you too.
  5. Grey Joggers/ SweatpantsDo this for you too.
  6. Nike Court Royale Sneaker: admit it, we hate all the sneakers they have anyways. Get him a pair that you like and that he will definitely like too.
  7. Good time photo album: Fill it with pictures of you two (or just you), and it would be a cool coffee table book.
  8. Braided Genuine Leather Bracelet: Is this still a thing? Was it ever a thing? I think it looks good and would be a good gift, especially if he likes to wear jewelry.
  9. Black Stirling Card Holder: never seen his wallet? Get him one.
  10. Godiva Chocolate BoxEasy go-to, super sweet, and pleasant. All men want is chocolate and love.

For Him and Her

  1. Linehome custom one-line drawing: My personal favorite. It’s cute as shit, and all you have to do is print the design and find a cute frame.
  2. Gift CardsOr money. Jk… Anyways I linked a website with 50 of the best Valentine’s Day gift card you can give your significant other.
  3. Domino’s heart-shaped PizzaIf they don’t like this one, you might want to consider breaking up.
  4. Popcorn MakerI have really been in the mood for popcorn, and since I am moving to a new apartment, this has been on my mind for a long time. Your boyfriend or girlfriend might also be thinking about it.
  5. A nice date: Good food, good wine, and good company is a good idea for Valentine’s night and present- Or if this is not possible, you guys can just order each other food.
  6. Post them: If you have never posted your boyfriend or girlfriend on Instagram, this might be the time. Use it as your gift excuse too.
  7. A written letter: Valentine’s does not have to be giving your partner materialistic things. It can also be more personal by writing them a romantic letter.
  8. A dog: I feel like this is a big step in a relationship, but if you think you and your partner a ready to take a big step forwards- don’t get engaged, but get a dog first. Remember, dogs are HUGE responsibilities and are forever, not just when they are cute, do this responsibly!!
  9. Make them something: Are you good at art? Crafts? Drawing? Cooking? Writing? Make them something that shows you took your time (not too much time because this is a last-minute gift idea article) because you care about them. This can also mean that you are good at contacting his or her best friend for help.
  10. Fake Zine merchThe most legit gift.

Like I mentioned in my other article, this might not be the most luxurious gift guide you will ever see, but keeping it real and straight Valentine’s is all about trying- And I tried to make you guys an okay gift guide.

This is my valentine’s gift to you all.



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