IUYNIOTM: onion pod

Welcome to the series I like to call “Incredibly Unnecessary Yet Necessary Item of the Month.”

 Let me put you on onion pods. Made of plastic with some stretchy fabric-type shit. I bought this particular item when I moved to my first one-bedroom apartment last year. Do you need this? No. Do you want this? Oh, yes, you do.

This incredible one-of-a-kind item is your salvation. Keeps your fridge from smelling like onion; keeps your onion from smelling like fridge. Moreover, the stretchy fabric shit is so cool to touch. It’s fucking awesome – put your cut onion on the bottom half and twist the lid closed.

I bought this particular item at T.J. Maxx, but you can probably find it on Amazon, Target, or whatever.

Unfortunately, the maid at my house in D.R. broke the one I owned. Did I include this item in the huge box containing my important belongings that I mailed to the D.R.? Yes. Yes, I did. I loved this item. But, now, it’s broken. I miss it. I’ll buy another one now.

Author: Vero

professional jack of all trades

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