december 2020 energy reading

Disclaimer: this is not your horoscope! Unlike astrology which is interpreted and analyzed given the planetary placements at a given point in time, the information you’ll receive below is primarily based upon the Tarot as a tool to help you reach your own conclusions. Take the information below as guidance that often reveals things we need to consider and/or pay attention to. Tarot is a tool that can bring clarity about a particular situation in our lives and often reveals to us the answers we need, rather than the ones that we want to hear. Nothing is set in stone, cards provide guidance, but they do not define. At the end of the day, you have free will and all…so take what resonates and leave the rest!

This year has felt like one uninterrupted menace that has threatened everything we hold dear, hasn’t it? It has disrupted our sense of self, our relationships, how we navigate spaces and has made us rethink our values and personal limitations. The truth is that 2020 hit us like a truck. It came in full in its power, giving no fucks and ready to rearrange our lives, moving us into a state of personal reflection and awakening in us, if anything, an urge to live more authentically.

But you’re not here because you want to hear about 2020 being a beautiful year for self-actualization and personal growth, Nah fuck that. You’re here because, like me, you’re ready to leave this shit show that left us feeling like a hot mess behind. 

As 2020 comes to an end, it’s important to acknowledge the toxic patterns and self-imposed limitations that we’ve been carrying with us throughout the year to drop them and stop repeating the same cycles into the new year. There has never been a better time to cut ties, set boundaries, protect your peace, have that conversation you’ve been avoiding, apologize, forgive, and love yourself.

We don’t know what 2021 will bring, but at least we can walk into it with the resolution to be true to ourselves. I want you to think of this energy reading as that friend that keeps it real, it’s going to tell you what you need to hear, and you might not like it, but deep within, you know they’re right, so buckle up, homie…


Capricorn, the new year brings stability after a very action-oriented state of being. For someone who usually prefers to take their time analyzing and being deliberate about the actions and decisions that they make, the last few months have seemed to have been a little chaotic for you! You’ve been stepping outside of your comfort zone and embracing more action-oriented and impulsive energy that’s led to fast-paced growth that may have left you feeling a little disoriented. The good news is that you are realigning with your nature. There is an energetic rebalancing that will leave you feeling much more stable and grounded.

You’ve possibly been feeling more reflective about where you are and what you want your next steps forward to look at in a way that feels much more intentional and authentic. The end of the year offers you an opportunity for introspection and a moment of reconnection with your emotions, leaving you feeling more grounded. Celebrate what you have achieved this year by recognizing your strength, willingness, and determination in accomplishing your goals regardless of the difficulties that may have presented themselves (erm…hello, Corona). You are now able to build a foundation upon which you feel abundant, emotionally tender, and ready to share yourself with others in a way in which you haven’t been able to before.

Unknowingly, you’ve been preparing yourself for a period of more openness and vulnerability, creating healthy boundaries with yourself and with your loved ones after a rather rough emotional period that forced you to redefine what those relationships looked like. As a result of standing your ground and continuing to enforce said boundaries, you are now coming into a space of serenity in which you feel more willing to process those feelings and allow for things to flow more naturally. Trust in your power and inner strength, move forward with confidence, and enjoy what Capricorn season will bring!


Aquarians, 2020 has been your year of self-improvement, and you feel so positive about your growth, progress, and the place you’re in right now. You’ve been building a very strong foundation for yourself, and you are so proud of what you’ve been able to achieve and your success in overcoming a lot of personal difficulties. You feel it’s about time you were recognized and appreciated for all the work you’ve been putting into yourself. You crave the validation of the people close to you and that you’ve felt close to throughout this process.

There is a longing for a meaningful emotional connection with people that truly see you as you are, acknowledging your growth and cheering you on! However, you are being hyper-protective of this new energetic space that you’re occupying; it is as if you feel that if you share this more positive mindset with “the wrong people,” it will somehow be taken away from you. So you are currently stuck between wanting to be celebrated for your accomplishments, but at the same time, you’re being terrible about communicating your needs to the people around you.

Unfortunately, the universe wants to remind you that people can’t read your mind and that you shouldn’t expect them to. Express your needs to others, and don’t be so quick to judge the people around you for not being able to show up in the way that you want them to, when you are the one not communicating to them how you truly want them to show up, know what I mean? Be more willing to communicate to others the things that are important to you and create a space in which you can share more openly with other people to have more fulfilling relationships. People can’t read your mind, hun!

Be receptive to the opportunity to have more open and honest relationships so that others can show up for you and so that you can do that for others. The reciprocity you seek comes from being more open and willing to receive without placing expectations on the people you hold dear. If anything, keep in mind that people can’t show up in the way that you want them to if you don’t let them.


Pisces, you’re being too quick to judge others. Often, you guide yourself by the energy/vibes that you feel others are giving off, almost immediately forcing a judgment upon them through the energy you are receiving without realizing that you are frequently just projecting onto them! It’s becoming increasingly hard for you to recognize the extent to which your perception of someone’s true energy is skewed by your own emotions. Allow yourself to be more critical of how you think about the people around you so that you can allow them to show up as they are, rather than how you wish to see them. The end of 2020 beckons you to be more observant, more flexible, more willing to compromise. Your opinions of others are not as dead set as you wish to make them seem.

Whenever someone, especially new acquaintances, performs in a way that lies outside of your expectations, it makes you uncomfortable. You tend to think that they are not being genuine or can’t be trusted, but it’s more like your judgments don’t always resonate entirely with who they are. Remind yourself that you are not always seeing the whole picture.

Allow yourself to see people showing up as they are without feeling like you need to immediately label or define them. You use your judgments as a self-defense mechanism. You protect yourself from others’ judgments by presenting yourself as someone with a powerful personality. However, you don’t always allow yourself to connect to your emotions in the way you want to, and you fear that people will see that through you.

The end of 2020 wants to teach you that you are allowed to put your guard down. There is not as deep a need to protect yourself as you might think. Be more patient and compassionate of yourself and the people around you, and who knows? You might even be pleasantly surprised by them.


Impulsivity will be your downfall, Aries. To not be so quick to take action has been your lesson this past year. 2020 really stopped you in your tracks, didn’t it? This year brought about so much uncertainty that you had no option but to take a breather. It’s been teaching you to chill out, bro, settle down a little bit; not everything has to be immediately resolved. Aries, you don’t always need to do something, you don’t always need to be active, you don’t always need to be there or present as the action taker.

The indefinite break provided by the Covid-19 crisis has allowed you to reevaluate your sense of purpose and figure out what you truly want in your life/where you want to be/what you want to be without any external interference. However, it seems like it is now more than ever the time for you to find some solitude and peace of mind and to take back control of your own decision-making process and not be so easily influenced by the people you love and hold dear. Honestly, it feels like any major action that you take at this point will inevitably feel like it’s being blocked because it is a forced effort that is not gonna lead you anywhere yet.

You deserve a break. You’ve been stretching yourself too thin for too long, you have to stop holding yourself responsible for the actions of others, you have to stop sacrificing yourself and your happiness for someone else’s. The end of this year and the beginning of 2021 is a time of self-preservation and self-reflection for you, Aries. Deter yourself from succumbing to your impulsive instinct. The next few weeks are a time to understand, be more cautious, and think things through before taking action.

You are being called to be more willing to embrace your true emotions without feeling like you need to sugar-coat them for someone else’s comfort. The thing is that you don’t need to have all the answers all of the time. It feels like you wanna move forwards, but you don’t know which direction to take, and that is exactly why you need to reconnect with your emotional space and recognize how you feel so that you can take action accordingly. Break out of this cycle of self-sacrifice. You don’t have to step in and take roles in other people’s lives that you don’t truly want to. It’s not your job to fix other people’s lives, take care of yourself and take whichever action you feel is necessary for you to be able to show up and support yourself during this end-of-year transition.


Taurus, you continue to run away from situations that require you to face them head-on. Escaping confrontation as a means of self-preservation is not gonna take you anywhere other than the repetition of the same lessons. Trying to protect yourself by running away from things that you don’t want to confront is ultimately causing you more harm than it does good, and you know it. It feels like you’ve been caught in this never-ending spiral of you avoiding things in your life, and as a result, you are proactively hurting yourself and those around you.

Resistance = persistence. Taurus, these things you’re running away from will continue to show up in your life until you decide to face them. You’re feeling stuck, and that’s okay. It’s pretty normal nowadays to not know how to move forward/progress in life and within your relationships. You feel this pressing need to move on and release yourself from these cycles, and yet, it feels like you’re so tired of existing in this space that you no longer feel motivated to work through these feelings.

Luckily, the end of the year is providing you the opportunity and the push (motivation, a burst of energy, etc.) you need to face the things that you have been avoiding so that you do not continue to repeat these cycles during the coming year. 2020’s allowing you to be at peace with yourself by choosing to 1) validate the experiences that you are having, and 2) confronting them. I know these are hard things to hear, but the beginning of 2021 brings forth an opportunity for you to feel more at peace and grounded. , the thing is that if you continue to entertain these self-destructive patterns, that is never going to happen for you. No exceptions.

Stop pretending that things are as trivial or superficial as you want to make yourself believe that they are. Stop brushing over things because you can’t be bothered to deal with them.


You are entering a space of emotional contemplation that has become necessary because, as of recent, you’ve been feeling like you have none/minimal control over the things happening in your life right now. The end of 2020 is pulling you back into a state of emotional rebalancing and grounding. You’ve allowed yourself to feel like you’re out of control for too long, Gemini. Producing a state of haziness, stagnation, and powerlessness. It is about damn time you took back control and analyzed how you can be proactive in reestablishing that sense of grounding in both of your mental and emotional bodies.

Lately, you’ve been feeling stuck and struggling to figure out how to address your inner wanting for action and movement forwards to create and manifest the things you want. This has really been a mood for you lately. You know that this isn’t an energy that resonates with you any longer, so why do you continue to put yourself in place/state/situation that you don’t even want to be in? Take a step back and ask yourself why you aren’t setting boundaries that allow you to take better care of yourself. Let go of the things that no longer serve you and shift your focus to self-care.

Emotional reciprocity is what it comes down to, really. You want to feel connected to yourself and to the people around you, but you continue to neglect your emotions, and there is no more time for you to continue being dishonest with yourself. You keep reminiscing about a time in which you felt more stable, more grounded, but the fact is that you can reconnect to that, so start paying attention.

Often, you find yourself romanticizing a time in your recent past. You felt good about what you were doing, you felt more stable, you were enforcing healthy boundaries within your relationships/friendships, and treating yourself with respect. You want to go back to that place, and the beginning of the new year is offering you the opportunity to reconnect with that energy and to feel more in control. Ultimately, you are being called to rest, take a break to be by yourself and with yourself to reinstate your priorities and realign with what it is that you truly want. Reconnect to that sense of purpose so that you can launch forward into the movement and action that you crave.


If you keep looking back at the things you have achieved/accomplished in the past and feel that you could’ve done better or worked harder to be in a better place than the one you are right now, you will never be happy, Cancer. I know that you want to feel proud of yourself, but you don’t allow yourself to do that because you constantly think about your past achievements and compare them to your present ones. You are not in the same situation now that you were a year ago, period. I’m not telling you to not want more for yourself because I’m all about self-improvement, I promise, but you need to show yourself some compassion, my dear.

Ever heard about being worth more than your productivity? Even the most seemingly trivial things that you’ve done for yourself amid this chaos deserve to be celebrated! Cut yourself some slack, let your guard down, and allow yourself to enjoy where you are right now. Perhaps you are not in the place you wanted to be in right now or where you thought you would be at the beginning of the year, but that’s okay! It doesn’t mean you are not going to get there because you are moving forward. Stop being so hard on yourself.

Your biggest lesson this year has been to understand that things are not always what they seem. Observe how you’ve been projecting your feelings and insecurities upon the people around you. Things are not as set in stone as you think that they are. Don’t keep limiting yourself by your perception of the people around you and your own feelings of underachievement. Observe how your thought process is interfering with your reality. Sit back and analyze how you are harming yourself, allow yourself to be more flexible, and allow yourself to be more understanding of YOU! Be proud of yourself. The world is not against you. You don’t need to fight or protect yourself as much as you think you do. Let go, relax, crack your back, do what you gotta do to ease into a space of understanding and self-compassion.


Leo, you’ve been searching for balance in the wrong places. You want stability and want to feel grounded in your relationships. Yet, you do not allow yourself to be fully vulnerable and honest about how you truly feel about things. You continue to protect your emotions for the sake of keeping the peace and are constantly sacrificing yourself emotionally for people that you know wouldn’t do the same for you, so why do you continue to put yourself in that position?

It’s time for you to stop ignoring your needs to accommodate other people, be honest with yourself about how you feel about things, and honor that. You’re coming to a point in which the universe is forcing you to explore your discomfort by expressing your true self, and you’re going to need to be okay with that. Honestly, it’s about time you put yourself first and quit self-destructing by micromanaging how you make everyone else around you feel. You can’t continue to downplay your feelings for the sake of someone else’s peace.

Stand your ground even in the face of rejection. You need to know that the people who love you will always be okay with you expressing the way you feel about things. Be true to you and for you because, in the end, we can’t control how other people react to things, and it is not your job. Practice relinquishing control and allowing things to flow more freely and naturally.


Virgo, you always come across as someone who has it all figured out. You always have a clear idea of how you want things in your life to pan out, and you felt like you had it all figured out until 2020 hit, and now you continue running into these incidents that keep messing up your plan. It feels like this year you have run into obstacle after obstacle that keeps changing how you think things are going to turn out, and moving forward genuinely terrifies you.

It stresses you out to think that your plans for the future, the project that you’re about to embark upon, the things that you’ve been working on, won’t see their completion, and you’re afraid that things are not going to turn out the way you want them to again. You want to be happy and successful, but if you keep thinking that this plan that you have for your future is what’s gonna take you there and allow you to achieve the things that you think you deserve, you are going to continue to be disappointed because your trust is in the wrong place.

This year has taught you that perhaps the things where you were placing your trust in and ascribing value to (friendships, career, love) aren’t permanent and that these things don’t always show up in the way that you want them to. You keep placing your trust in the things around you, in your plan and expectations for the future. All of a sudden, 2020 hit, and after a very tough period of growth, you’ve come to the realization that these things that you were placing your trust on are not as necessary as you once thought that they were.

With this new understanding, many new opportunities for you to practice detachment are becoming available to you. How you thought about these concepts is changing and continues to transform, allowing you to have such a stronger foundation for building upon in the new year. Things are falling back into place for you, but don’t fall back into the old mind trap of things having to be set in stone and turn out a certain way for you to accept them.

Be more present in the process rather than so fixated on the outcome, enjoy things as they come, and allow yourself to show up fully in their development. Place your trust in yourself rather than on the things outside of you. Trust in your own capability for creating and problem-solving. Everything will happen at its due time.


The end of the year brings a time for you to evaluate the things that are really important to you, Libra. It is time you considered the things you want to bring forward into the new year and those you know you need to leave behind. Kinda like Erykah Badu’s Bag Lady, if you know what I mean. 2021 is a year of building, manifesting, and securing your place. You are entering a space in which you can be in your power. No more carrying other people’s shit around with you, you’ve been doing this for many, and it’s time for you to FINALLY move out of that energy and come into a space that is a blank slate for you to build upon.

For you to move forwards, however, you need to take a moment to reflect upon what it is that you truly want to bring with you into the next year. It’s like you need to choose your weapons, and you need to do so carefully so that you don’t continue to be so easily influenced and manipulated by another’s will. Time for grounding, making better decisions for yourself, and it’s about you establishing, enforcing, and expressing your truth in whichever environment/situation you find yourself in.

Cultivate energy that allows you to let go of these toxic patterns connected to how you interact socially with others and reestablish what those connections look like by enforcing healthy boundaries. It is time to get out of these energies of playing and being played by others, victimizing yourself, and not taking full responsibility for how your actions affect others. You need to embrace and take full responsibility for how you escape things from your fear of confrontation.

That being said, don’t give people a free pass to step over you. You are not a doormat, don’t allow others to walk over you for the sake of keeping the peace. Establish boundaries, have those conversations that you’ve been avoiding, and be more open to expressing and communicating how you feel about things. Being fully in your power requires you to take full responsibility for your actions and how you interact with others. It is about you creating healthy boundaries so that your relationships can be more proactive and more of service to all parties involved. Rediscover what mutual understanding and compassion look like within your relationships.


Reveal what it is that you’ve been hiding, Scorpio. There’s a lot about your emotional past that you’ve been refusing to acknowledge. You are not allowing yourself to see something as it was because you fear that your feelings will swallow you whole. When you reconnect with these memories and begin to process your feelings so that they don’t continue to interfere with how you interact with the people currently in your life. It may seem like you no longer know how to interact with your emotional space, which is foreign to you because you rely heavily on your emotions to inform your perspective of others and your social interactions.

You want to achieve a level of emotional maturity that feels inaccessible to you because you are not fully honest with yourself about how things are. It is time for honesty and accountability, Scorpio. Allow yourself to delve deeply into these emotions without fooling yourself or distorting the truth, work through your emotions without having them play such a large role in the way you see the people in your life presently.

You’re looking for understanding, connection, and appreciation. Know that these things are available to you if you allow yourself to open up and let others see the real you, not the shield you use to protect yourself. There is an opportunity for you to see things as they are and respect other people’s boundaries. You don’t have to be in a space where you feel defeated by your emotions. Recognize that they are not in control of you even when you feel disempowered by them.

Allow yourself to experience things without feeling the need to attach yourself to energies of the past. You can understand purpose and reason without attachment. Your biggest lesson this year has been to allow yourself to experience things fully in a moment without having to carry with you into the next. Know that you are allowed to process, heal, and exist outside of your past. Be more proactive in the process of healing and cultivate self-compassion.


Quit fooling yourself. You are in this energy right now in which you feel like your hands are tied, fooling yourself into believing that you are stuck in a situation that you are not even in. If you feel like you can’t move forward, it’s because you think that you are stuck in making a decision that you’ve already made. Perhaps this wasn’t the path that you wish you’d taken, but you need to get over refusing to see it as what it is and take responsibility for your actions. Quit pretending that you don’t need to take action or hold yourself accountable for the situations currently playing out in your life, and take ownership of the decisions that you are making.

Understand that things are not always going to look the way you want them to. The place you are in now comes as a consequence of the decisions you’ve made for yourself. Things don’t just go away when you decide not to address them. If you don’t, you’ll be stuck in this never-ending loop of not holding yourself accountable for things and repeating the same lessons until you do.

The thing is, though, that the universe is literally trying to work in your favor if only you’d let it. I mean, you’re truly just being your own worst enemy here. Suppose you want to move forward in creating healthier relationships within your family, friendships, and social circles of any form and feeling more comfortable in seeing, feeling, and receiving within your social dynamic. In that case, you need to address your own toxicity. Stop treating your life as a joke, and stop holding on to the prospect that things are going to heal themselves. You have to actively participate in that healing!

Don’t turn your back on things that you know you need to work on because in doing so, you are going to continue feeling unfulfilled and like shit is just being thrown at you over and over. Walk into this new year with a better understanding of the role you play within your relationships. Whatever you want hasn’t manifested because you need to work on yourself first, prioritize your own healing so that the things you want to come into your life can manifest. Do your part and let the universe do its thing. Take charge of improving your relationships and understand that things aren’t just going to fix themselves.

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