new year’s resolutions are cancelled.

Here it comes. Can you feel it?… New year, new me! Or Goodbye 2020, hello new me. Let me cut it short. Are you thinking of resolutions for new year’s? Here is an idea: don’t. Before I get yelled at by my mom for this post, let me clarify my opinion, I am in no way saying that self-improvement is terrible and that you should not try to do it. I am just saying that I don’t understand why people wait until the end of a fucking year to change.

Just because 2020 is over does not mean you have to rush to change yourself in 2021. When you pressure yourself and force your mindset to change quickly, it is less likely you will change at all. Yea, we all are eager and excited for 2020 or whatever that was to be over, but why rush yourself to change? I can barely complete a daily task.

For me, December has always been weird, and December in 2020 is the fucking strangest of them all. Sure, we are no longer attending Christmas parties, socializing with people we don’t like, or going out as much, but we sure as hell are still drinking and eating just as much. If anything, we are doubling our holiday stress stuck at home by cooking and drinking our sorrows away. We spend most of our time with family and maybe, if allowed, some friends. It’s cool, yes, but it can be a lot.

We end the month of December completely shit-faced, whether at home or the beach somewhere, and then we wake up January 1st expecting to be a “new me.” (or maybe wake up January 2nd since the headache is pretty bad). But regardless, do you see the problem here? No wonder most people quit their resolutions before the end of the month. After a month like December and a year like 2020, dramatic change is not realistic.

Guess what? You have 11 other months of the year to self-improve and change. People think, for some odd reason, that New Year is their only chance for this. Well, it’s not, and you have 11 others to choose from. Building new habits are hard, and trying to build all of them at once is nearly impossible and not easy after a year we all went through.

My advice to you, skip the new year’s resolution. Focus on getting back into the flow of things in January, and do not burn yourself out for a month, and then throw your resolutions down the drain. You have all year to make yourself better, and if 2021 is anything like 2020, you might want to wait until 2022.

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