waited-until-last-minute christmas presents

As the article’s title clearly states and from you clicking on it, I will categorize you as one of us: a procrastinator who realized Christmas is next week. I am not saying this blog will get you the most thoughtful or even quality gift, but it might just save your ass. And for that, you are very welcome.

Before you come at me, many of this list came from this luxurious, unique app called TikTok, where I gather most of my thoughts and ideas. Let’s get to it:

Gift guide for the entire family: 

  • Puffer Jackets: Yay for matching family puffer jackets! I’m just kidding, that would be disgusting, but on the serious side, puffer jackets are great if you live somewhere super cold and want to look and feel comfortable. Target has great ones for the entire family (with different sizes available) and a variety of colors to choose from. 
  • Socks: Yup, this is definitely a last-minute gift, but fluffy, long, and cool socks are always an easy go-to. It is also a great idea if you are shopping on a budget for your entire family. You can find fun socks in any mall or store. 
  • AirPods: If you have money to spend (show-off) and want to spend it, AirPods have definitely taken over and are a good use of your money, especially if you have sporty gym lovers in your family. AirPods can be found at TargetWalmartAmazon, or an Apple store if you have one near you. 
  • Power Bank Charger: It’s a portable charger. Everyone can benefit from this simple but efficient gift. It can also be found at your local Target or Walmart

Gifts for the fashionista in your life:

  • Mini Purse Trend: Yes, here comes TikTok. I can talk for hours about how much I love but despise the mini purse trend coming back to life. Many on TikTok have bought their mini black purses on Amazon or Target, it is coming back to take over what is left of 2020, and I am here for it. 
  • Urban Outfitters Coats: Yes, you know exactly which ones I am talking about. Every girl or guy into fashion has at least one of the cool or trendy Urban Outfitters jackets. It is always a good idea if you don’t know what to get someone in the fashion world. 
  • Matching Sets: Okay, I am obsessed with matching sets. Those can be sweaters and shorts or even sweaters with joggers/ sweatpants. They are taking over the fashion industry, and everyone who keeps up with trends wants and needs at least one. This can be found in many places such as RevolveAmazonTargetNordstromZara, etc.
  • Headbands: Is it me, or is everyone wearing a headband on my Instagram feed? Not saying that I approve of this trend, but it is one, and I am here to help you, not make a list for me. So here it is, headbands have definitely come back, and many places sell really cool ones that can match people’s style and add to their outfits. Cute headbands can be found in any place you can buy a matching set ;).

Gifts for the cozy enthusiast: 

  • Cozy Slippers: Something I have wanted but, for some reason, never have gotten one. Slippers are extremely comfortable and pretty easy to find. They vary in price range depending on where you get them. The popular ones typically come from Uggs, but TargetTJ-Maxx, and Amazon also sell them. 
  • Pajamas: My mom has been obsessed with buying all of us matching Christmas pajamas, and honestly, I am all in. There is something about having matching set pajamas that make me feel more comfortable and cozy in the 90-degree weather in the Caribbean. I can only imagine how it feels to wear it somewhere cold. I bought some of mine on RevolveNordstrom, and TJ-Maxx
  • Candles: When I think of a cozy enthusiast, I think of an aesthetic atmosphere of candles, pajamas, Netflix, and hot chocolate. I have fallen into this category. Every night I light my candle, and I fall into complete laziness and relaxation. Target and TJ-Maxx sell a variety of candles for anyone and everyone.

Gifts for beauty lovers

  • Self-Tanner Drops: So, personally, I have never used self-tanner drops. I have friends who have used a self-tanner lotion and switched to the drops because apparently, they are way better and easier to use. I would recommend this if the person lives somewhere cold but still wants to have sun-kissed skin. Sephora and Ulta sell different options. 
  • Mask Sets: Okay, so if you are a beauty lover, you definitely have used a mask. Masks set are an excellent idea for someone who cares about their skin. Revolve sells really cool Holiday sets with nice packaging, which will make it look like it was not a last-minute gift. 
  • Perfume/Colognes: Ah yes, the typical did not know what to get you, but it looks like a nice gift. This is my dad’s go-to when he is entirely out of ideas. I have to admit, though, nobody can have enough perfumes, and a guy could always use a good cologne. This is also a gift that can be found anywhere.
  • Makeup Palettes: If you are a beauty lover, you are a makeup lover. Many people are very particular and picky with their makeup, so for this one, I would recommend making sure you know exactly what brand that person uses. Makeup palettes can be found at UltaSephora, and Target.

Like I mentioned previously, this is not the most luxurious gift guide you will ever see, but it might just save your holiday ass. And since it is the Holidays, I hope it does. 

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