album review: notes on a conditional form

Quick Rating: 8.7/10

At first, I thought this album was a joke. Not in a bad way, just in a ‘what the fuck?’ kind of way. It has 22 songs, no solid concept, and an odd-ass intro. The 1975 is no stranger to odd intros, but this one was stranger than usual.

There’s a variety of genres, and the songs don’t really flow together. The 1975 usually has its shit together (album-wise) with a very specific theme. This one, however, is all over the place, yet it’s somehow comforting. It feels like when you make a playlist that makes sense to nobody but you.

My favorites on the album are ‘Frail State of Mind,’ ‘Tonight (I Wish I Was Your Boy),’ ‘If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know),’ and ‘What Should I Say.’ They’re all very different, and maybe it’s just my personal attachment to each song, but I think they’re wonderful. The latter makes me feel some type of way. You know that feeling you get when you’re drunkenly dancing with somebody you really like? So close that you can feel their smile on your lips, your sweat merging, and time has stopped? Just like that.

‘Having No Head’ made me feel queasy and nervous, not sure why. Maybe it reminds me of someone.

It’s really hard to give a solidified opinion about this album because it just seems like an English major’s final assignment – an assortment of unrelated personal essays, and not all of them are great. At least you learned something about their mental state, not that you asked.

The last song on the album is a beautiful tribute to the band members. It makes me want to call all of my friends and tell them I love them, or whatever.

I must say, I liked it. It felt like watching a movie, and it was basically as long as one. You can almost feel Matty, George, and Jonathan’s thoughts as you listen to the album. So messy that it actually is relatable.

Author: Vero Silvestri

A 22 year old trying to figure shit out.

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