album review: in a dream

Quick Rating: 10/10

First of all – I love this album. I don’t need to say much more. It’s ethereal, beautiful, amazing, calming, relatable, and a million more positive comments. Troye Sivan is a genius.

I loved all of the songs, but I’ll talk about the three that stood out to me.

My favorites from the album are:

  1. “Take Yourself Home”
  2. “could cry just thinking about you”
  3. “IN A DREAM”

The introductory song ‘Take Yourself Home’ feels like a literal dream, and the way the song ends is a wake-up call. I agree with you, Troye Sivan. If we gotta die, let’s die somewhere pretty (let me tag along, please). This song makes you feel like you’re underwater in the best way possible – drowning in nostalgia with the love of a long-lost lover. 

You might have noticed by now I’m a sucker for song titles that aren’t capitalized. “could cry just thinking about you” is a soft and heartbroken anthem. The song makes me think of every summer fling I ever had – it just hits different. It’s such a beautiful interlude that separates the first and second halves of this EP perfectly. 

Lastly, “IN A DREAM” is a wonderful bop to end this EP with. Upbeat and happy, yet still soft on the ears. I like the contrast between the lowercase album title on the cover art and the uppercase title of the song. Have you woken up, Troye?

Author: Vero Silvestri

A 22 year old trying to figure shit out.

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