album review: everything means nothing

Quick Rating: 9/10

I love blackbear so much. I saw him in concert last year in NYC, so awesome. Anyway, back to the album.

My favorites from the album are:

  1. “why are girls”
  2. “half alive”
  3. “sobbing in cabo”

Wait, I also loved all of the I feel/felt ones and “clown.” The others were good too, but not my favorites. Although, “hot girl bummer” is a great song to blast in the car. Each song has its moment.

This album was a really different vibe for blackbear, way poppier and happier (?). Having a baby must have made a great impact because you can really feel a lot of growth and positivity throughout this album. 

His last album, “ANONYMOUS” was quite dark and depressing. Even the cover arts for these two albums are complete opposites. I loved “ANONYMOUS,” but I am glad blackbear’s feeling cheery.

“half alive” makes me want to dance while processing my traumas. Honestly, it’s a vibe I fuck with. Thanks, blackbear, for making the process a little more light-hearted. “sobbing in cabo” has his traditional sound, which makes me love it. I love that he always sprinkles it in yet still switches up the vibes of each album.

The videos for the songs were really cool, too. “queen of broken hearts” was my least favorite, mainly because I don’t understand the purpose of that little girl. The rest are cool, especially “me & ur ghost.”

Overall, I recommend it. It’s a good listen, it’s upbeat, and it’s full of bangers.

Author: Vero Silvestri

A 22 year old trying to figure shit out.

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