let’s go to the woods

My happy place was in the woods.

My sad place was there too. 

I found my happiness in the rain,

In the mushrooms, and in the bourbon.

I found my sadness in their tears,

As I read them poems

That mourn who and what we’ve lost.

Because we’ve all lost something;

But now,

I’ve gained something…

I gained the beauty of the dirt under my fingernails

And the bug spray in my mouth.

I gained the strength of the women who tell their stories

Around a campfire, bathing in the moonlight.

I felt their friendship wrap around me,

Like a double layer of triple XL sweatshirts.

They keep me warm. 

They keep me safe.

I think I have found my happy place. 

And I hope that we can go back some day.

By Beck Tantillo

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